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Design Philosophy

Atmosphere has a distinctive signature - it's easy to see, but hard to define. It tells many stories but speaks one language. Perhaps, it is because of the complete freedom with which our designers create. A seasoned core team with visiting international designers bring with them their individual inspirations and interpretations. Supported by world class technology, they experiment and translate their vision into fabric.

Anything can set off an idea - a haiku, the morning dew or curious objet d'art strewn about our studios in Bangalore and New York. They conjure up an image, flow on to paper, through a computer and in minutes, the looms begin to whirr.

We design without bounds but we screen within stringent parameters. Only those with the perfect blend of look, feel, functionality, quality and that unmistakable Atmosphere identity make their way to our stores. A versatile portfolio of fabrics from baroque velvets to contemporary sheers and soft cottons to rich silks designed to awaken the senses, both visual and tactile.