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Fabric Buying Guide

Buying furnishing fabrics online, on atmospheredirect.com is easy, fast and safe. If you are new to buying furnishing fabrics online, the following guidelines will help you in making an error free and safe transaction

Yards and Meters

You may note that all fabric lengths mentioned on this site is in meters. If you are used to buying in yards, you may need to convert the yardage you need into meters. This may be done by multiplying the required yardage by 0.9144. So, if you need 10 yards it translates to 10*0.9144 = 9.144 meters, which may be rounded off to 9.15 meters.

Deciding the Quantity

Before you place an order online, it would be helpful to be clear on the quantity for which you need to place an order. Please check with a sewer if you are not clear of the quantity you require. Your order quantity will depend on following measures when your window size is standard.

- Design repeat (horizontal or vertical) of the fabric.

- Width of the fabric.

- Amount of fullness or number of pleats required on curtains.

- The exactness with which the design must be matched at joints on curtains and do read care instructions before selecting.

Information on the design repeat and the width of the fabric is available on the website for the entire collection. Ordering some attic stock is always useful. This may be required if one part of the curtain or sofa or chair needs replacement.

Online Payments

All payments on atmospheredirect.com are secure. This website uses a 128 bit SSL encryption to protect sensitive data provided by you.

Transactional Safety

This website is part of the Himatsingka Group. Atmosphere has 5 exclusive stores in India and an International presence in Dubai. The brand also has select distribution through Dealers across India and Asia. The group has been in this line of business since 1987 and is listed on the Bombay Stock Exchange and the National Stock Exchange, Mumbai, India. We are known to follow customer centric business practices. Read more about our company here. Please transact with confidence on atmospheredirect.com.

Complete Address

Please key in your complete address when placing your order. Please do not use abbreviations while keying in your address. Incorrect and incomplete shipping address will delay your order.

Cut Lengths

Your order may be supplied in multiple piece lengths. This is the standard industry practice, unless the order is for less than 5 meters. If you have a specific cut length requirement, please specify it in the remarks sections of the order form.


Your orders will be checked, packed with care and shipped through some of the world's best-known cargo and courier companies. In the unlikely event of the consignments not reaching your destination, we will do everything possible to follow-up to correct any anomaly with the shipment.

Fabrics Not in Stock

If your selection of fabric is not in inventory, you may prefer to place an order and await the next production lot. You may write to us to check the next production incoming dates for your preferred fabrics. If the next availability schedule does not meet your requirement, you may order an alternate fabric.

Shade Matching

You must know that the colour of the fabric as visible on the computer screen may be different from the colour of the physical fabric. This is due to the configuration of computer monitors. If you have not bought online earlier, it may be useful to order the swatch before placing the order. Also, even if you order a swatch, the colour of the final shipment may vary marginally from the colour of the swatch ordered earlier. A lot-to-lot variation in tone is normal and cannot be avoided.

Types of yarn used in fabric composition

Woven fabrics are an end result of criss-crossing of two yarns in length and width. Our fabrics are art manifested in textiles by combining different yarns in profound weave structures and finishes.


A natural protein fiber, the shimmering appearance of silk is due to the triangular prism-like structure of the silk fiber, which allows silk cloth to refract incoming light at different angles, thus producing different colors. Silk organza on the other hand is made of silk filament with natural gum that makes it stiff, gauzy and brittle.


Invented in 1941, most widely used synthetic textile fiber which is stronger, durable, quick drying and easy to maintain


A vegan fiber, Cotton is a soft, fluffy staple fiber that grows in a boll, or protective case, around the seeds of cotton plants. Harvested staple fiber of cotton is cleaned and spun to make yarn


Nylon was intended to be a synthetic replacement for silk and substituted for it in many different products after silk became scarce during World War II. Very strong and with-stands high rate of abrasion making it more durable.


Viscose rayon is a fiber of regenerated cellulose invented in late 19th century; it is structurally similar to cotton but may be produced from a variety of plants such as soy, bamboo, and sugar cane.


A textile made from the fibers of the flax plant. Linen is laborious to manufacture, but the fiber is very absorbent. Constant creasing in the same place in sharp folds will tend to break the linen threads, Linen has poor elasticity and does not spring back readily, explaining why it wrinkles so easily.


Acrylic fibers are synthetic fibers made from a polymer developed in 1941. Acrylic is lightweight, soft, and warm, with a wool-like feel. It can also be made to mimic other fibers, such as cotton, when spun on short staple equipment. Acrylic is resistant to moths, oils, chemicals, and is very resistant to deterioration from sunlight exposure.


Wool is natural protein fiber, traditionally used in warm cloths.

End Use

Please be clear about the end use of the fabric before ordering. Curtain fabrics, even when appearing sturdy, are not suitable for use as upholstery. Fabrics that are categorized as 'Dual Use' are suitable for use as curtains and light upholstery. These cannot be used as upholstery on seating which may be subject to heavy and regular use.

Metameric Colours

If you order swatches, please check the swatches under actual light conditions. Some colours may appear different in daylight and florescent light. Please check the tone in natural light conditions before confirming your order. The difference may be marginal, but significant if you are very fastidious.

Bed Linen

When buying bed linen, please order King or Queen sizes depending on the size of your mattress. If you are unsure of the size of the mattress, please measure the size and compare it with our King and Queen Sheet sizes, to order correctly. Our Duvets and Coverlets are available in a two sizes. Please check if these sizes are suitable for your requirement.

Mailing the Backend Team

If you are new to buying furnishing fabrics online, it may be useful to confirm your requirements with our backend team before placing your order. Our backend team can confirm the following over
mail CustomerAssistance@atmospheredirect.com

- The next fabrics incoming dates.

- Piece lengths that will be supplied against your order.

- A dye lot variation between the swatch that you may have bought and the stock that will be used to service your order.

- Lead time to ship your order.

Register as a User

Please register yourself as a user. Logging in as a registered user will record your current order and will also enable you to see quantities previously ordered.

Track your Order

Please track your order and ensure your availability at the time of delivery for making duty payments (if applicable). The courier company may return the consignment if it is not able to deliver. Atmosphere site offers you the option to either prepay your duty, which means seamless delivery from the time you order till it reaches your doorstep or you could choose to pay Duty on arrival of goods.