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Gunjan Gupta


The Atmosphere Collaborative at Design ID 2016

Inspired by modernist architecture, this unique modular sofa plays with commonly used materials like corton steel, concrete, cement, copper and brass in their upholstered form. Assembled together organically, real construction materials like mild steel, wood and concrete juxtapose themselves seamlessly with their textile counterparts creating an exciting play of material, comfort and perception. 


Soft Architecture


Avalon, Trinidad, Tanzania, Sheridan, Bahama, Alabaster, Emerge

A varied selection of fabrics play with the idea of shine and matte – new and aged juxtaposed with distressed and beaten, both in textiles and architectural materials used for this piece. The woven structures complement the textural graphics, enabling the use of seven different fabrics on a single modular seating.

Gunjan Gupta

Studio Wrap