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Studio Lotus + Mangrove


The Atmosphere Collaborative at Design ID 2016

The piece seeks to evoke physical human engagement that is increasingly absent in our digitally invaded lives. The tilt of your head allows you to shift between quiet introspective space of reading and gazing at your lover. One hand holds the book while the other lies intertwined on the shared armrest.


Library for Two


Aura and Minsk

Like the journey from darkness to light, the fabric Aura represents the search for enlightenment. The gradual flow from opaque black linen to the lighter tones of gauze, the fabric seems almost weightless towards the top. Minsk is a textual upholstery fabric with a slight ripple. The flecked yarns create a variation in shade for that extra sprinkling of character.

Ambrish Arora, Arun Kullu, Suman Sharma & Vedika Jhunjhunwala

Studio Lotus + Mangrove

Library for Two